Keeping Servers Safe

Data centers and colocation facilities have some of the highest security available. They utilize motion-activated cameras, biometric locks, 24-hour security guards, and that’s just to enter the building!  Upon making your way into a server room, you’ll undoubtedly cross additional security measures to prevent any unauthorized access. After passing through all of these safety measures, you’ll face the final frontier for securing all that equipment….wire mesh partitions!

With stringent requirements for air quality, FordLogan woven wire systems are a perfect fit as they do not require field cutting or drilling like some cheap alternatives.  Instead, all parts (doors, panels, posts) simply bolt together in the field through pre-punched holes.

The benefits go beyond the cleanliness. In fact, one of the best reasons for sourcing FordLogan woven wire cages is that they are stocked for quick shipment. That means as you get a contract for floor space, we can get you the materials you need in 48 hours (when painted in the standard gray finish).

Get the RIGHT wire mesh security enclosure for your data center or colocation facility TODAY!