Frequently Asked Questions

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SpaceGuard Products offers three unique, quality wire partition lines, but which one is right for my application?

FordLogan woven wire partitions are a cost-effective solution which meet or exceed architectural specifications under Section 10605 (10 2213 under Master Format 2004), with standard sizes available to ship in 48 hours or less from the time of order. 2180 welded wire partitions are perfect in high traffic areas where the aesthetics of your storage system is important such as computer security cages used in data centers and for those applications with installation challenges. They can often be installed by a single person and the welded wire mesh maintains its integrity in areas requiring cut-outs. Plus hinged doors come pre-hung from the factory. SG2000 woven and welded wire partitions combine many of the advantages of our other two lines; however, the use of steel posts between panels allow for a stackable system used in long, straight runs and wire enclosures that require heights greater than 12 feet.

Visit our Applications menu to see how others are using our products or contact our sales team and let us help you determine the best solution suitable for your secured storage or safety needs.

Am I limited to the stock panel sizes and configurations listed in your product literature?

Certainly not. SpaceGuard Products takes great pride in providing custom sizes, configurations, colors, and even engineered options such as self-closing automated doors, Plexiglas, and acoustical sound guard for our wire enclosures, storage lockers and other area guarding products. Our flexible manufacturing gives us the ability to provide you with the solution you want. With SpaceGuard Products, you get a choice. Contact us for a free evaluation of your project today.

What can I expect for a lead time on my wire mesh enclosure, and how will my items be shipped?

Standard size FordLogan panels are in stock and available to ship in 48 hours or less. Other lead times will very generally from 2 to 30 days based on the size, configuration, and level of customization your order requires. All estimates come complete with a lead time, and SpaceGuard Product is proud to say that over 99% of our shipments meet or beat that quoted delivery.

Large orders that can fill a truck will be shipped loose using cardboard to protect panels in transit. However, the majority of our shipments are secured in wooden crates and pallets designed specifically to protect the panels while in transit. Again, our quotations will include notes specifying if your items are not to be crated.

Will SpaceGuard Products include a freight price with my material quotation?

Yes. Because we generally drop ship our orders from the factory or our other national shipping points, SpaceGuard Products provides a delivered price on all material quotations when we know the destination information. Be sure to include details such as whether a liftgate or inside delivery is required so that we can provide the most accurate price possible.

I need a standard sized wire mesh enclosure and will be installing it myself. Can I order what I need online?

Yes. SpaceGuard Products is proud to sell through a strong network of nationwide distributors including Material Handling Equipment Dealers, Industrial Supply Houses, Office Interior Dealers, Fence Wholesalers, and Contractors. Several dealers do sell our products online such as C & H Distributors and You can also contact us to find a dealer in your area, understanding that our quotations are turned around quickly, usually in the same business day when received before 2 pm ET.

What factors should I consider when choosing between a hinged and sliding door on my wire mesh security cage?

A sliding door is generally your only option when you need a specific opening, but you do not have the available space to swing a door within your wire enclosure or out in the aisle. Hinged doors do offer many advantages though including fewer moving parts, easier to close, reduced installation time and maintenance, and are less expensive. Additionally, hinged doors come pre-hung in the frame on our 2180 welded wire partition to make the installation even easier.

Don’t give up if a standard door doesn’t meet your needs. SpaceGuard Products offers bi-parting, dutch, fold-away hinged, and many other door options that can be engineered to suit your application.

I have an existing SpaceGuard Products wire mesh enclosure. Can I change the size or configuration?

Absolutely. The strength of each of our three lines of wire mesh partitions is that you can add and subtract panels, rearrange the configuration, and even subdivide existing security cages into smaller enclosures.

What does it mean by sweep space on my wire partition, and how much space is necessary?

Each wire partition system standard design includes sweep space intended for housekeeping purposes. The standard 3 1/4″ sweep space on our SG2000 wire partitions adds to the overall height of the system. In other words, an 8′ height enclosure is actually 8′-3 1/4″ in height due to the sweep space plus two 4′ high panels stacked upon the other. The sweep space on the SG2000 wire partitions can be reduced or increased by using modified posts that allow the panels to start closer to or further from the ground. Although, we recommend that unless the system is intended as a wire mesh DEA enclosure where the panels must extend to the ground, you choose no less than 1″ of sweep space to minimize installation problems caused by uneven floors.

There is 3.7″ of sweep space beneath the lower horizontal member of on the FordLogan woven and 3″ on the 2180 welded wire partition lines; however, the sweep space is included in the overall height of the panel, meaning an 8’wire partition is 8′ in height. We also offer a 20-gauge steel Sweep Guard on our FordLogan line for applications that cannot allow for sweep space.

What is the difference in size between the 6-gauge and 10-gauge wire mesh used in your wire mesh partitions and industrial storage lockers?

6-gauge is the heavier duty wire. It is about 0.192 inches thick on average, versus the 10-gauge wire which is 0.135 inches on average. Both gauges work for the majority of applications, although the thicker 6-gauge wire (especially when welded) provides a sturdier panel and can handle larger side impacts, which is why we use it in our Rack Safety Systems.