Restaurants / Retailers

Retail Wire Mesh Storage Partitions

SpaceGuard is the preferred supplier of numerous restaurants, both national chains and independently operated, for the storage of food, liquor, and other high theft items. Don’t restrict your storage space with permanent walls when our wire mesh partitions can be added onto easily as your operation grows.

We have also partnered with the nation’s largest commercial refrigeration manufacturers to enclose and separate areas within the units before they arrive at your restaurant.

Whether a retailer or restaurateur, employee theft is a common concern. Our Wire Mesh Storage Lockers can be used in employee break rooms offering a higher visibility storage solution over solid sheet metal lockers.

SpaceGuard Products wire mesh enclosures used off the sales floor provide an added level of secure storage for high theft items such as electronics, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, wine, and liquor. Use our wire partitions in high bay storage areas to separate merchandise in place of chain link fencing for easier installation and modification as your storage needs change. Our security cages can also come equipped with full ceilings, much sturdier than chain link options.

Security Cage

Portable Storage Lockers

We now also offer a Portable Storage Locker to help reduce inventory shrinkage. Products and supplies can be easily moved from the back room to the sales floor while securely stored. Originally designed for a military application, this sturdy and durable product line will put a halt to your losses and increase your profits.

The Portable Storage Locker is available in various sizes and with a number of features to meet your specific application.

Contact us today for a cost efficient solution to help protect your investment. Identify yourself as a national account, and let SpaceGuard Products explain how we can work with you in your long-range plans.