As Above, So Below: Complete Mezzanine Protection

The Situation
The customer with a two-level mezzanine needed a way to protect their materials and equipment on both levels.  Their biggest concern was timing; they needed a way to lock up the upper level immediately. The enclosure beneath the mezzanine would need to be a custom height in certain areas in order to fit properly within overhead structures.  The last key item was having a hinged door with emergency egress in one area of the mezzanine structure.
The Solution
With standard sized systems stocked and ready for quick shipment, the upper-level enclosure was able to be shipped within 48 hours!  In order to meet proper OSHA safety protocols, a hinged door with a panic bar was equipped at one end of the mezzanine.  For the areas beneath the mezzanine, custom height partitions were supplied in a few different areas while other were able to utilize the standard 10’h material.
With FordLogan woven wire systems being inexpensive, easy to install, and available for quick shipment, the customer was able to protect their products AND their people. Contact SpaceGuard Products today to get your quote on a secured storage cage for your mezzanine.