FordLogan in Chicago!


A nationally recognized hospital in Chicago had been storing outdated patient information in their “storage area” also known as their basement. With multiple doors leading downstairs to their storage site, they were in need of a quick way to securely lock up and organize all of the various medical documents.

The debate was on: what type of enclosures would they need? At first glance, they considered going with chain-link fencing. After speaking with a local SpaceGuard Products distributor, however, they quickly realized that chain-link simply wouldn’t make the cut.  As the conversation continued, there were a few key factors shaping the purchasing decision:

  • The cages would need to be easily modified and added onto as they cleared space in their basement.

Advantage: FordLogan Woven Wire

  • Even though the documents were being stored in the basement out of plain sight, the hospital was concerned with the overall look of the fencing. This was a hospital after all, not a farm.

Advantage: FordLogan Woven Wire (resilient powder coat vs. cheap galvanized finish)

  • Due to the severity of the situation, the hospital needed the materials onsite within the week.

Advantage: FordLogan Woven Wire (stock material available in 48 hours or less!)


After coming to the decision to use FordLogan, the local dealer took field measurements and sent his sketches to the exceptional sales team at SpaceGuard. The team put a quote together along with approval drawings within a few short hours. By utilizing standard sizes, the SpaceGuard team and their distributor were able to get the materials produced and shipped in 2 days!

At the job site, the installation team took over getting all of the cages erected on the same day. With the easy modular design and reversible doors, the installers made quick work of the secured enclosures. This was a project designed for FordLogan systems: easy to install, visually appealing, readily available, and inexpensive to fit within any budget. FordLogan…TRUE AMERICAN CRAFTSMANSHIP!

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